Looking Sexy with Dress Up Fetishes

Looking Sexy with Dress Up Fetishes

Clothes are a big part of what our adult lives look like as they have a direct effect in our work, our relations and even our personal lives among many other areas. In most occasions, people do not think of clothes in sex scenarios. The norm is for people to have their clothes off while having sex but for others, they prefer to do this differently by going against this norm.

To some, clothes can actually grow into a fetish, like these vibrating anal butt plugs. This translates to having outfits or costumes inclusive of personal clothes having causing sexual arousal. For some people, some types of materials can give them a sexual arousal and this does not matter how the exact clothing looks like. 

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Arousal experienced with a clothing fetish can be experienced in different ways. It takes even just seeing the piece of clothing for some to experience this. While for others, touching, stroking with an anal vibrator plug and even smelling gets them aroused. For others, they would have to go to the extent of wearing the said clothe or see another person wearing the clothing. Whatever works for you, the optimal result is that in one way or the other one experiences sexual arousal.

Fetishes that inclined to dress-ups can be categorized into two different types, these are: based on garment type, and the others on the material. Before trying out your plugs, be sure to keep your butt clean with Shower Enemas available for such activity.


Garment type fetishes 

  • Restrictive Clothing: Such take up different forms but they all point out to the same direction that they do limit a person from making movements as they usually would. Many prefer to use plugs like dog tails in combination with the clothing they choose.
  • Corsets: These are very valued especially in submissive and dominant person relationships. Their use is associated with a variety of reasons which are inclusive of punishment or even pleasure.
  • Hobble Skirts: These types of skirts are tight and resemble pencil skirts. They, however, are a bit longer past the knees and some even at the same length with the ankles. This fact makes it hard for the person wearing them to make any movements and this is the reason they are known as Hobble skirts.
  • Stockings or Long Socks: Stockings give a feel of stimulation by just having the material against the legs and this can also be felt when one is removing their stockings in the most sexual way.
  • Shoe Types: Some types of shoes can grow into a fetish ad this is inclusive of boots, high heels, and even sneakers.
  • Swimwear: This is not a complicated type of fetish. It is on most occasion very revealing, it fits tightly and can bring about a sexual arousal and finally lead to a fetish.
  • Coats: This type of fetish can take different forms such as those of padded jackets as well as tight leather jackets.
  • Jeans: Currently, there are a variety of jean types available in the market. Stretch jeans, in particular, attract a lot of attention due to their fitting nature. The zip style is also another form of fetish, if the zip runs all the way on the jeans from the front to the back, this gives a sexual arousal for some people.
  • Crop Tops: This type of clothe becomes a great fetish especially for those who have a fetish for navels, as it is usually an exposed part of the stomach.
  • Uniforms: This type of clothing has for long been a favorite type of fetish. Uniforms include those related to doctors, nurses, soldiers, and even pirates. There is always a likelihood that someone somewhere has a fetish for a given uniform associated with a particular type of job.

It is a fact that different types of clothes can grow into a fetish. The only thing this needs to bring a person is sexual arousal and enjoyment. Some type of clothing can be more common as compared to others and if something is a bit over the norm, you could always talk to your partner about it and they could actually be willing to give it a try with you.

You can be as creative as you can as long as you are both agree with it. Take for example fox tail plugs, you can wear foxy attires that match with it.


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Fabric Clothing Fetish

Another fetish associated with clothing is that one related to fabric. The type of fabric is not an issue as this can be anything that gives you sexual arousal. Mostly, the arousal is brought about by you touching or feeling the fabric. The most popular fabric fetishes are inclusive of.

  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Latex/PVC
  • Spandex


Dress Up Events

Depending on how serious you are on your clothing fetish, we recommend that you consider attending one among many events held across the globe. Similar to the fetishes, such events can also be as different and diverse from tame venues, show off place to even massive giant orgies.

Events come as a onetime thing taking place once in a year while others happen often. There are venues who actually are fetish specific clubs on a full-time basis. Such events can present one with a lot of fun and enjoyment as they give you an opportunity to show off what you got on your clothing fetish as well as the pleasure of meeting people who share in a similar interest as you do.

Majority of clubs such as these usually have a very serene environment that presents people with an environment where they can just be themselves. People find such environments to present safety to showcase their clothing and if any behavior that is not appropriate is seen, this is immediately halted.

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